This is an important distinction.#IStandWithTucker I Stand With Tucker T-Shirt. If you cannot sell the National and Local airtime on a particular show, it impacts the show regardless of ratings. It’s crazy that My Pillow was sued for claiming. It has health benefits. When there is no evidence to support that and is still successful. It’s literally no different from other pillows with chopped up foam , yet people still buy it. I know there is a lot of bad going on right now. But I just can’t wait like 10 years from now. Until there is a very accurate movie depicting all of this crazy shit. I mean it just doesn’t stop. Haven’t even googled hank Siemers yet. But I will not be surprised if he’s got some crazy backstory. I mean NOBODY is even remotely clean in any of this crazy nonsense story.

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#IStandWithTucker I Stand With Tucker T-Tank Top
Tank Top
#IStandWithTucker I Stand With Tucker T-V-neck

Those types of movies typically have embellishments to make it more interesting. I think any movie based on the Trump presidency will have to cut some stuff to make it believable. #IStandWithTucker I Stand With Tucker T-Shirt. What my kids can eat! In their school lunches. Which are subsidized or straight-up paid for with taxpayer money? Get to deal with grumpy distracted kids who ate sugar juice for lunch. If I’m forced to pay for it, I want to be able to serve shit from the lowest bidder! I don’t care if there’s a measurable impact on student performance and child nutrition! I think that Obama’s family was so normal and functional. That it demoralized his opponents. Hence, the criticism: “Let’s say something. Everyone can clearly see it is not true. Who hate the fact. That a black man was elected president will agree with us.”

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#IStandWithTucker I Stand With Tucker T-Sweatshirt
#IStandWithTucker I Stand With Tucker T-Hoodie

There’s a lot of racism. But there’s a ton of just turning a blind eye to it cause he’s their guy. Remember, the same party impeached Clinton over getting a blowjob from an intern. The two older sons are probably irredeemable. Ivanka#IStandWithTucker I Stand With Tucker T-Shirt. I dunno, she might have been a decent human being if not for her father. Then I who she married and how he’s helping to fuck up our country. The reports are. More about protecting Barron and making sure he is treated. As an equal to the older trump kids in terms of financials. And control in the trump business.
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    It was very easy to order and my t shirt arrived quickly however the quality wasn’t as clear as the picture on line. It’s still really nice but just not as defined

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